Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another great day

Today was another great day for my girl! She was super laid back and relaxed today. Very loosey goosey in her body...which means super cuddly (and a little chokey at times)! Big huge eyes, a little sensitive visually, but very relaxed. Today we just hung out all day long. Daddy hung Ryan's tree swing & put together his tricycle (as well as playing with his own drone)! Reagan played with some of her toys this ball of electricity being my favorite! She had a really good day. Other than a little sweatiness from sitting in her chair a little too long, she's been perfect. My sister and her husband (and dogs) came over this afternoon again. She lives in Dallas and this was probably the most I've seen her since we lived in the same house!! It was nice! We all had a really great time! Several of us (me and my brother in law especially) seem to be having a hard time with allergies. There is definitely something in the air right now! We've all been a little sneezy! Tonight we all played poker again and the losers dozed off while Mike and my sister played until almost 2am!! Needless to say, Mike won for the second night in a row! Good times!

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