Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good girl

Today has been another good day for my girl. She slept well last night and woke up crunchy but smiley this morning. Still having some temp regulation issues but otherwise good. She had one therapy today, PT, but it went really well! Her therapist said probably one of her best sessions to date! She worked on kneeling using her core and with only minimal assistance for balance she held it for 2-3 minutes at a time, several times! Then afterward they worked on rolling and she aced that as well. Her PT said that she kept using her right arm to grab both her left arm and leg to pull them over and help get her rolling! She was really impressed! Afterward she did doze off for a bit, but she wasn't out long. This girl rang in the new year with us...she was still awake and kicking at midnight!! We party pretty hard over here! ;) This girl had an excellent 2015...hoping 2016 is even better!!

This morning's Ryan activity was a trip to a new place called Catch Air. I'm not sure how exactly to explain it, other than sensory overload! It's a neat place and Ryan really loved it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still smiling

Today has been another good day for my girl. She slept well and woke up just before 8am, super crunchy, but super smiley! She did doze back off for a bit but woke up just in time for therapy. She only had one therapy today, a make up session of PT, but she did well with that. She spent some time in her stander as well. Her PT did finally speak with her orthotist and they've come up with a plan for new AFOs for her. Now we're just waiting on insurance approval so we can make an appt for casting. Another good day for my girl in the books. So glad we're still getting smiles! 

Today I took Ryan to the aquarium first thing this morning and then we went to a tour of Amy's Ice Cream (an eclectic Austin ice cream company). He wasn't super interested in the tour but enjoyed the ice cream/m&m treat and playing on the playground afterward.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Super sleepy girl!

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning just before 8am. She was wide eyed and in a good mood. Very sweet and content. So content, in fact, that she dozed right back off to sleep! She slept through some serious stretching during PT (her only therapy today), and then just kept on sleeping the rest of the day. She'd wake up here and there for 5min or so, but would just doze right back off again. Sleepy girl. She didn't really wake up until 8pm or so but she woke up spunky! Big eyes, super alert! She didn't seem tired in the least. She did finally doze off with the help of clonidine. Hoping we can all get some sleep tonight!

Some pics of Ryan at his Painting with a Twist class! Have to keep him busy on this off week!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Nurseless but good

This morning our nurse called in sick making it our 5th day in a row without nursing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (well not this time anyway), but it's been really nice having this time to ourselves over the holidays. Grandma and Daddy have been here the entire time and Reagan has been wonderful! It's been such a blessing getting to spend so much one on one time with my girl! She was great again today. She had speech this morning and was a rockstar. She had a really great session using her eyegaze computer. She spent the rest of the day/afternoon downstairs just hanging out with me and her brother. She was very alert and responsive when awake, but did doze off a few times throughout the day. Tonight she was kicking around a lot, getting a little sweaty in her chair, so I put her on the floor where she proceeded to kick around so much she popped her tube open! Ugh. This girl! She's a handful!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A little sensitive but good

Reagan slept in a little this morning, we were all exhausted but she was the only one that got a few extra winks! She woke up around 9:30am. Big, startled eyes and a little sensitive. Several times she gave us frowny faces and we thought we were in trouble. But she pulled it together and actually ended up having a really good day. She wasn't a very good waker upper today, but other than that, she's been in a good mood. Lots of yawns today, I can totally relate! I've been exhausted the last several days. I think all of the sugar is really taking it's toll on me (I usually try to lead a pretty sugar free life)! Allergies still seem to be giving us all a hard time today. Lots of sneezes...from everyone except Reagan! Reagan has been a little sweaty and swallowy tonight, especially when I'm holding her and not keeping her completely upright, but ok in her chair and even laying down! This girl!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another great day

Today was another great day for my girl! She was super laid back and relaxed today. Very loosey goosey in her body...which means super cuddly (and a little chokey at times)! Big huge eyes, a little sensitive visually, but very relaxed. Today we just hung out all day long. Daddy hung Ryan's tree swing & put together his tricycle (as well as playing with his own drone)! Reagan played with some of her toys this ball of electricity being my favorite! She had a really good day. Other than a little sweatiness from sitting in her chair a little too long, she's been perfect. My sister and her husband (and dogs) came over this afternoon again. She lives in Dallas and this was probably the most I've seen her since we lived in the same house!! It was nice! We all had a really great time! Several of us (me and my brother in law especially) seem to be having a hard time with allergies. There is definitely something in the air right now! We've all been a little sneezy! Tonight we all played poker again and the losers dozed off while Mike and my sister played until almost 2am!! Needless to say, Mike won for the second night in a row! Good times!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Calm and content Christmas

It was a good Christmas for my girl! And when Reagan's good, we're good!! She slept well and woke up calm and content. My sister and her husband (and dogs) came back over and we had a busy Christmas morning, opening up tons of presents...thanks to Santa (aka Grandma). Lots of super cute clothes, dinosaurs for Ryan and a Rainbow Brite doll for Reagan (just like I had as a little girl) and many other cool toys. Both kiddos hit the mother load. Ryan got a neat swing for outside and Reagan got a giant jellyfish with lights that hangs from the ceiling...HearthSong has some pretty neat gift ideas (Reagan's nurse got her this neat light spinner that you can customize from there as well). There were so many presents that we decided to wait til tomorrow to give Ryan his tricycle (he was already too overwhelmed). Mike then fried turkeys for us and our neighbor and we continued cooking all afternoon/night. We didn't officially eat Christmas dinner until around 8pm and then we stayed up playing poker until everyone was ready for bed! It was a really great day!!