Monday, November 30, 2015

Very still but a little sensitive

I found my girl in bed this morning completely still and quiet, but wide eyed and awake! Not sure how long she had been like that or how much (if any) she slept. She's been super calm and quiet today. Very sweet, very relaxed. Hands very still...just letting them sit in her lap most of the time. She had speech this morning and did very well with her eye gaze device. Then this afternoon she had OT and she got in some good stretching as well as some work with her ipad. There was one time during the stretching she almost broke out into tears, but she calmed down and regrouped quickly. She seemed pretty laid back but a little kooky when her teacher came. She was a little vocal, but once we started talking, the tears started flowing! Uh oh. We got her situated in her wheelchair and she eventually settled back down and was able to have a decent session with her teacher...she was just very sensitive. We definitely think her tummy is part of the problem, as she's been having a lot of gas today and she's been a little backed up. The rest of the afternoon/night we just took it easy. I kept her upstairs away from her crazy brother and she seemed to be doing a little better. She dozed off on her own laying on the floor with me, but when we moved her to her bed, she just kept opening and closing her eyes over and over again. Very sleepy, but a little restless. Hoping she can get some sleep tonight.

Here's a pic of Grandma on her birthday today decorating a tree along the road near our house! This is a big thing in Austin...especially along the 360 loop. We went shopping this weekend at Barton Creek mall and then drove by these trees and were inspired (this isn't our first year to "bomb" a tree).

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