Sunday, November 8, 2015


Reagan slept well last night but woke up just as I was getting up to go run my race! She was just as smiley and darling as can be, so I was super happy about that. She did doze off for a bit while I was gone, but by the time I got back she was wide awake. She's been super vocal again today. Not at all crazy vocal, just the content sort of's so adorable! Her nurse wasn't feeling well so she went home around noon, which was OK by me, that just meant I got to spend more time with my precious girl today! The only downside...being around her brother who is still coughing! Hopefully she can avoid catching whatever it is he's got (I'm thinking a cold). She's been very crunchy today, but just so smiley and so alert and bright eyed!!! Her temp has been perfect. Warm hands/feet/ issues whatsoever. She did doze off for a bit this afternoon, but in general she was awake and alert most of the day. I'm really hoping she can continue with these wonderful days! Every morning I go and pick her up and I'm just ecstatic to still see smiles!! It's the BEST! She's the BEST!
Even crunchy in her sleep! ;)

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Marc said...

Awesome to hear!