Friday, November 6, 2015

Super sweet, relaxed, and sleepy

Reagan didn't sleep well last night. She kept opening and closing her eyes but she was still, so I was hoping eventually she would doze off and stay asleep. I'm not sure if that ever happened. She woke us up around 4am and she was pretty vocal. I tried giving her some clonidine, as she didn't get any last night, but I don't think it did anything. She was still awake when I got up at 5:15am to run.  This daylight savings time change has really thrown her off! Not good. When I got back I pulled her out of bed and changed her and put her in her therapy room. She was still a bit vocal/laughy, but kooky/on edge sort of vocal. Mike came in to say hi to her and she escalated and started crying! I picked her up and was able to soothe her. She had quite a bit of gas in my lap, so I'm thinking maybe that's at the root of her craziness. I gave her some Lortab to try to soothe her and it did seem to take the edge off. She was still laughy, but sleepy and less on edge. She had speech this morning and even though she was sleepy, her therapist was still able to modify their session and work with her. She actually said she used her voice to make some choices, which she doesn't do that often. She eventually fell back to sleep and slept nearly the entire day. It was a rainy day, so it was perfect sleeping weather. No other therapies, nothing to do, so why not?? She was so serene...smiling in her sleep a lot. She woke up for a few very short periods (minutes at a time) and was super sweet but also super sleepy. She was still asleep when the nurse left, but woke up shortly thereafter. When she woke up she was a little spitty and progressively got more and more gaggy (gaggy on the spit though...not so much nauseous). She had several really big wet diapers fairly close together and leaking through her pants (no holding going on today). She was beyond precious!! She and I snuggled and she was smiling away. I love that peaceful smile she does when she's completely relaxed. So nice to see her relaxed. We don't get to see her this relaxed often. I contemplated switching her over to pedialyte tonight but she seemed sleepy enough to sleep though and not be bothered by the spittiness. Hoping my girl has a restful, uneventful night!

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