Sunday, November 15, 2015

Super sweet and cuddly

Reagan slept well last night...Ryan not so much. He woke up around 4:45am crying. I went in and tried to get him back to sleep, but it wasn't working. I ended up just bringing him into our bed and crashing. Reagan slept in til 8ish and woke up a sweet girl. She was a bit more serious first thing but quickly loosened up and has had a wonderful day today. She's been vocal (talky) and super sweet. No nurse today so we got a lot of one on one time with this sweet girl. She's been very still and cuddly! I just love holding her when she's like this! I got in a lot of snuggles today! I held her on my lap this afternoon and we both took a nice little nap. She's been pretty nasally/congested today...I'm just hoping she's not catching any of the gunk her brother has been hacking up for the last couple weeks! The doctor said that if he's got a cold, that cough could go on for 3+weeks! Ugh. Tonight he was laying right on top of much for not exposing her! She's spent a lot of time on the floor tonight...not because she's sweating or having temperature dysregulation (although her feet are cold...her back is not sweaty) but because she's just very crunchy and her tummy is a bit distended and she seems to get more gas out when she's rolling around (opposed to sitting in her chair). Hoping she continues to have good days. Tomorrow is her Monday nurse's last day and Grandma is leaving tomorrow as well!

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