Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Super spitty

Reagan didn't sleep much last night. We were able to get her to sleep in her bed with the help of clonidine, but it didn't last. Around 2am or so I heard her moving around and making some choking noises, so I transferred her to her chair. I tried giving her oxycodone with hopes that maybe she'd fall back asleep, but I don't think that ever happened. She has definitely been less gaggy today, but still having lots of spit! She only had one therapy today, speech, but she did exceptionally well with that. She was very responsive with her eye gaze computer today, even selecting things out of the top right box, which is usually the hardest for her to select. She was very calm and content again today. Slightly more sensitive to talking this morning (started crying once), but that seemed to lessen as the day went on. We oriented a new potential nurse this morning (one we actually liked a lot) only to find out we live too far away for her! Things you'd think they would run by her BEFORE sending her out!! Ugh. Just yet another huge disappointment from our nursing agency and big waste of time (and hope) for us! Reagan had a good rest of the day, no more therapies, so she just took it easy. Tonight the spittiness increased exponentially and she was choking on it a lot, not really gagging per se, but choking. It was A LOT of spit. Even though we had slowly added back formula to her pedialyte today, I decided to just switch her back to 100% pedialyte for the night. I'm REALLY hoping she can fall asleep and stay asleep tonight! Poor thing! Hoping she wakes up feeling better and has a good Thanksgiving. 

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