Monday, November 23, 2015

Still tense but way better

Today was an OK day for Reagan. She was still tense and very crunchy, but no more crying! She had speech this morning but she was a bit sleepy and dozed off toward the end of it. She actually had a bit of a sleepy day. Sleeping off and on throughout the day. She was actually still asleep when OT got her here but I told her to go ahead and come because my girl really needed some stretching! She did wake up, so they worked on relaxation and stretching. She almost started crying at one point, but quickly recovered. That's actually happened a couple times today where she would almost be in tears but then we'd change gears and she'd snap out of it. Definitely still very much on edge, but way better than the painful cries of yesterday. Hoping for an actual good day tomorrow. There's something fun I really want to try to get out and do with her!

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