Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So sweet

Reagan woke up this morning around 5:45am. She was sweet and smiley, so I changed her and put her in her therapy room to watch cartoons (while I went back to sleep for a bit). I'm pretty sure she never went back to sleep. She has been super precious all day today. I mean, sooooooooo sweet! Very calm and still. A little loosey goosey for therapy. She had speech first and had a case of the giggles. Sweet giggles, not crazy laughs, but it was a little hard to get her to concentrate! She was hanging her head a bit too but that miraculously stopped the second her therapist started packing up. She's a stinker!! During OT it was hard to get her to do much of anything because she didn't have much trunk or head control, but she did get some really good stretches in. Then this afternoon she had school/speech and she did really well! She wanted her hands together or in her mouth so it wasn't a great fine motor day, but she was a rockstar with her eyegaze computer! It was a super busy day of therapy and she did really well with everything. She's been a bit spitty today but again we think that's probably related to her decreased muscle tone throughout. She's just been so laid back and cuddly! I'm loving it! She really couldn't have been more precious today! Great day!!

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