Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sleepy Thanksgiving

Reagan SLEPT last night!! Thank goodness, I was really worried with how spitty she was last night. Not only did she sleep the whole night through...she just kept sleeping today! We got up, I started giving medicines and we got everything together and loaded into the car. Then around 10am I went in and changed her diaper and clothes and she never moved a muscle! She was OUT. We put her in her harness and loaded her into the car and she stayed OUT! Mike's sister just moved about an hour away from us and 3 out of 4 sisters and his parents were all going to be there for Thanksgiving. Both kids were good in the car...Reagan slept the whole way and Ryan dozed off for a bit too. I did notice a really strong smell coming from Reagan's diaper about halfway there so I was worried we might have a blow out on our hands! As soon as we got to his sister's house, it started raining and then we had the task of getting the kids and all of the stuff into the house. Reagan slept the whole time and thankfully didn't have a blow out, just a huge stinky pee diaper! Not sure what that's about but we noticed it a bit yesterday and then again today...the return of the stinky pees. I've also noticed the last day or so her breath has had a weird smell to it. Almost like a bad day smell. Again, not sure what that's about. Reagan just continued sleeping and Ryan had fun playing with his cousins and we all ate too much! Reagan did finally wake up late in the afternoon, but she wasn't happy. Very serious, she had a permanent scowl on her face! She did well though with all of the noise and didn't fall back asleep until we were driving home. She slept the whole way home and then we just took her straight to her bed. Definitely a sleepy day. Even her brother, who has been fighting us going to sleep all week, went down pretty easily. Hoping they both sleep tonight!!

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