Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nice and relaxed

We all slept well last night but woke up to a text from Reagan's nurse at 6:30am saying she was not feeling well. It's never good news when you hear from a nurse or nursing agency that early in the morning! Reagan decided to wake up shortly thereafter. She was a bit tense and vocal but she was better with me sitting by her side. I was a little worried about having to take her with me to drive Ryan to and from school but my stepmother postponed her golf to come over and help out!! They also were able to get a hold of the nurse who has been doing our weekends and she agreed to come help out! Reagan was still pretty tense when she got here so I decided to help her poo and that must've been what was bothering her because only a few minutes later she completely relaxed and dozed off!! Her PT came and was going to just work with the nurse on stretching techniques but Reagan woke up so she squeezed some work in. Of course, she dozed right back off and then slept for the next several hours. So nice to see her SO relaxed and sleeping peacefully. She did wake up just in time for school this afternoon and had a good session. Tonight she was super sweet and cuddly. I even got some laughs out of her. Love this girl.

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