Monday, November 2, 2015

My little mermaid

Reagan was up early again today. She's still pretty tense. Very crunchy and tight in her body. But more alert than she's been in days. Speech came this morning and I wasn't anticipating a good session, but she did better than I had thought. She has an ARD tomorrow so her speech therapist is going to talk with her teacher about some of her goals and make a few adjustments. So glad that we have such a good team working with her. This afternoon she had OT so she was able to get some stretching in so that's good. Afterwards we finally put her in her Halloween costume and took some pictures! She actually had two different mermaid costumes, We tried to get brother to cooperate in his costume so we could get a picture of both of them, but you know, he's a boy. I'm not sure what direction my girl is headed, but I'm sure hoping she has a good week! 

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