Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kooky, smiley, and super spitty

Reagan slept well last night and woke up right around 7am. I went in to change her and then finally realized I was dealing with a poo and not just a pee (it's hard to see in the dark)!! I did notice immediately that she still had a smile on her face, for which I was very relieved. Today she's been very smiley and sweet, but definitely a bit more kooky and lots more chorea. A little more sensitive and some crazy laughs as well. Kicking her legs around nonstop and hands in the mouth a lot!  She still had a pretty good session of speech this morning and then school/speech this afternoon. She did a little better with the eyegaze today while fine motor skills were a bit impaired (you know, because of the hand being shoved in her mouth nonstop). She's also continued to be super spitty/chokey, not really nauseous per se, but definitely a bit gaggy (because of the spit). Tonight it got worse and spit was literally pouring out of her mouth. On a good note, she wasn't cupping it in with her lips like she sometimes does, which really can cause her to choke/gag. On a bad note, it was nonstop! So she was soaking through everything and it made it really hard for her to be in any position other than upright in her chair. She was still super smiley and sweet though, but definitely overall more tense because of it. Heck...I was more tense because of it! Tonight I made the executive decision to just switch her over to pedialyte. It's definitely gotten worse since last night so I didn't want to take any chances. Mike was able to lay down with her and actually get her to sleep in her bed! Praying she can stay asleep because if she wakes up I know laying that flat will cause her to have trouble managing that spit! Oh and today is our 15th wedding anniversary!! We stayed home and cooked steaks/scallops but we're hoping to go out tomorrow night in lieu of Bible study.


Renae said...

It's so good to know Reagan has had a good few days. She needs all she can get.

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!