Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fun morning

Today was a busy day...but good. Reagan woke up definitely feeling better. Whew! Very calm. Not super smiley, but content. Ryan had a really good session of speech therapy this morning and then we ran by the Aquarium for a quick visit to celebrate (it's right across the street from his therapy place). Then we came home and loaded Reagan up in the car and headed into downtown to see the Architects of Air Pentalum exhibit at the Long Center. I saw this online and immediately knew we HAD to take Reagan to see it! It's a maze of 5 hand sewn luminariums that you walk through (almost like walking through a huge beautifully constructed bouncy house). The light that shines through it is so bright, but there are no lights, only the sunlight that filters in through the panels! It was really neat! We got there just as it was opening and a huge line had already formed all the way down the sidewalk to the road! Thankfully I had called ahead and explained to them Reagan's situation and was told that we could take her through the fast pass line for season ticket holders...so that seriously saved us HOURS! Reagan wasn't super responsive today (because she was so laid back), but I definitely think she enjoyed it. Ryan clearly enjoyed himself! I'm so glad we were able to get out and do this today because tomorrow there's a good chance of rain (as well as every other day this week) and it is only running through the end of the week! We finished up with plenty of time to get Reagan back home for her back to back OT and PT sessions. OT worked more on fine motor today, since she had PT right afterward.  She actually did really well with both. It was a good day. She was a little spitty today, but we just figured it was probably related to her low tone, but then tonight it turned into full blown nausea. Lots of spit, lots of gagging. I made the decision to go ahead and switch her over to pedilayte. Please keep her in your prayers. I can't stand seeing her struggle with this!!

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