Sunday, November 1, 2015

Daddy's birthday

Sleep last night was better for my girl. She slept through til 5:15am (although it was technically 6:15am if not for the time change)...she woke up just as I was getting up to go for my long run. Grandma was also getting up at this time to take her dog out, so she graciously decided to sit up with Reagan while I went for my run. By the time I got back, Ryan was waking up as well, so no chance of going back to sleep for me! Reagan was still pretty tense today, but less sleepy. It wasn't a bad day, but she was definitely still on edge. Today was Mike's birthday. We spent most of the day taking down Halloween decorations and Mike went to play golf. Then tonight we had a nurse for Reagan and Grandma watched Ryan while Mike and I went out to a nice dinner downtown. Hoping my girl can finally get a good night's sleep tonight! She seemed pretty out when we put her in bed tonight but then I heard her making noise and moving a bit later (but her eyes were still closed)! Sleep Reagan!! Sleep!!

Grandma's shirt! ;)

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