Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crummy morning but better night

Reagan woke up a few times last night crying. I woke up to fussing around 12:30am but she was back asleep by the time I got in there. She woke back up around 2:30am and this time she was really crying. Thankfully some medicine did the trick and she eventually fell back to sleep. She was on edge like this the rest of the morning. Still hating diaper changes. There was a lot of crying and sleeping.  We did cancel all therapies today (and yesterday). This afternoon she seemed to turn a corner and the tears stopped and she's been pretty stable ever since. She's even giving us some laughs. Tonight I kept her upstairs away from her sickie brother. She's not looking very sleepy but we are, so I'm really hoping she'll doze off soon!

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