Saturday, November 14, 2015

Birthday football game

Reagan slept well last night not waking up until right around 8am. She woke up pretty serious but OK. She definitely loosened up as the day went on. This morning I noticed a questionable event where she started fluttering her eyes and then sat fixed with her head turned to the left and her eyes looking down. She broke out of it after 30seconds or so, but I hate to see anything questionable like that. Grandma drove in this morning and my girl was already less serious and more alert when she saw her. Reagan took a little cat nap this morning and then again this afternoon, but she was awake most of the day. We had two nurses today, one for the morning and one for tonight and Grandma had Ryan duty so could drive to College Station (2hrs away) for the Texas A&M football game (my birthday present to Mike...even though today is my actual birthday)! Both kiddos behaved themselves and we were able to get away for the afternoon and do something alone! Actually we met up with Mike's best friend and his family at the game, which was a complete surprise to Mike...I'm so glad we were able to pull that off! It was a good game and we all stayed dry and fairly warm! Reagan and Ryan were both very well behaved while we were gone. We made the drive back and both kiddos were already in bed! Very nice. Time for us to crash. It's been a good birthday. 

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