Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tense and on edge (and Maui family photos)

So we don't think Reagan slept very well last night. Literally the second I laid down (at 12:30am) she started fussing. She had already been given clonidine (which along with Daddy helped her to fall asleep in the first place), so I gave her a dose of oxycodone. I think she fell asleep...because I fell asleep! Mike said he went in there around 4am and she was kicking around. He tried to get her back to sleep, but she wasn't going for it. Thankfully she laid in bed quietly so that I could sleep in til around 7am. I got up with her and Ryan just as Mike was laying back down. She woke up very hot, so I checked and she's still running a low grade temp. She's also back to having a sweaty back and cold hands/feet. She's very tense today. And on edge. We've been watching a lot of football (Sic Em Bears) and just the slightest bit of music (fight song or on a commercial) would send her straight to tears! Luckily, she has recovered fairly quickly. She also wasn't a fan of us talking...about anything! Other than that, she's been pretty precious. Happy to just lay on the pallet on the floor we made for her and watch football. I went ahead and started adding pedialyte today. I'm not sure where she's headed, but I'd sure like to avoid a real bad day. We got our pics back from Hawaii! I'm SO happy with them and can't thank the photographer BellaEva Photography enough. If you ever find yourself in Maui, definitely look them up! Beautiful work!


Kristy said...

Love the pictures!

charity said...

love the pics so beautiful