Friday, October 9, 2015

Super vocal and needy

Reagan didn't sleep too well last night (so then neither did I). She was up around 3 something making fussing noises and then again at 4 and 4:30. I kept getting up but each time she'd move around but she'd settle down with some shushing. She and her brother woke up for good around 7:30am. We had a new nurse filling in today and Reagan gave her a run for her money. Reagan was just super vocal and super needy today. Wanted constant, undivided attention and would vocalize (a lot) if she didn't get it. Several times this has ended up in tears! There definitely seems to be something bothering her that comes in waves. I don't know if it's a headache, a tummy ache, muscle aches or what. She's gotten a lot of foot rubs today just in case. She's also been held A LOT. Tonight she just wanted me to hold her nonstop. Not sure where she's going with all of this. Her temperature regulation (hands/feet/back) were all nice and normal yesterday and today but tonight she's a little warm and had a low grade fever. Really hoping she doesn't end up with whatever has been making her brother hoarse/fussy all week! Also hoping for sleep tired!

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