Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Super tense and serious

Reagan slept fairly well last night. I think she was a little restless and tense, which makes for a crunchy sort of sleep! She woke up this morning calm but sensitive and super tense in her body. Seriously, there is some serious tone going on. She's rigid! We've got a morning orthotics appt we have to go to, so I'm really hoping she wakes up in the morning less tense. She had PT and OT today and both worked on trying to get her out of flexion (which didn't happen). She's been pretty much crunched in a ball all day today (her knees up in her face)...except when she fell asleep and slept an hour or so this afternoon, then she was finally relaxed! Really hoping she can sleep tonight. She SO needs that relaxation. Despite being super tense, she did have a good session of school/vision this afternoon. This morning I met with her teachers/school therapists to go over her goals for her upcoming ARD. I'm glad they invited me to this, since they really don't have to. I even heard a neat story from her teacher about how she was taking turns with Reagan the other day squeezing a ball. She did it five times and then gave it to Reagan who then squeezed it five times and then pushed it toward her teacher! She went back and forth 4-5 times doing this!! Pretty amazing. So all in all, it was a pretty busy day. No real smiles, a few hints of a smile. Some mouth movements but she didn't really appear nauseous or anything. And very clammy hands and feet. Hoping my girl can relax and sleep tonight. We all need some sleep. 

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