Friday, October 30, 2015

Super rough day

Today was a rough day for my girl. She slept some in her chair but would wake back up nauseous and miserable. It was a tough night. Nothing really seemed to be working very well and we were trying everything!! She was just SO nauseous! It's hard to say if it was purely nausea due to her cyclic vomiting or something triggered or made worse by the dental work (her throat did look red). We were even saying how we'd prefer crying over this...watching her gag nonstop was just so brutal to watch! We eventually got our wish. Reagan started crying mid morning and the gagging did in fact stop. Of course, it was a super sad pathetic cry that broke our hearts! She wasn't really responding to any meds over night or early morning, but finally clonidine started working and at least helped her to sleep through some of this misery. My poor girl. I'm glad we took care of her teeth, but it's so hard to see her struggle. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers!

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Diane said...

Oh I hate to hear this.. :-( Poor little one! Hoping she feels better fast!