Sunday, October 18, 2015

Still miserable but sleeping

Reagan didn't sleep much again last night. Lots of crying. She really didn't want me either. I would try to soothe her and she'd just continue crying...Mike would come in and immediately she'd calm down. Going on no sleep from the night before, it was frustrating and exhausting! She's been doing less crying today and more moaning/whining...but still super miserable. Still super tense (and holding her pees but at least she had one this morning). Thankfully she's been a lot more responsive to meds today and she's been able to sleep a lot more. She's still very zoned out and bitey so we're having to keep her arm restraints on. It's been such a loooooooooong weekend. She's just got so snap out of this soon...right?!?! Praying for sleep tonight and better days for my girl!

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