Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sleepy with tears

Reagan slept last night and then just continued sleeping most of the day today. I changed her diaper around noon and she never moved a muscle. It's so nice to see her sleeping so peacefully. She'd stretch here and there but stayed fast asleep! Around 3:45pm I had to move her from her bed to change her because there was a major leakage. I moved her to her therapy room, changed her diaper, and pants and she never even opened her eyes! It wasn't until around 5pm that she finally started waking up. She was a little restless and then woke up very startled and wide eyed. She kept escalating and was eventually letting out these blood curdling screams. I gave her a dose of oxycodone which seemed to help. She never actually fell back to sleep, but she was a little more stable and not crying. It was a rough night. She continued to do this off and on. It would come in waves and it was more than just was very unsettling. Poor girl. Hoping she can sleep it off tonight and feel better in the morning!

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