Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sleepy Sunday

Reagan had a very sleepy day today. She slept in her bed until around 1:30pm when I discovered she had finally gone pee and leaked in her bed. While changing her, she woke up. She was very smiley and crunchy, but wide eyed and sweet! We brought her downstairs with us and put her in her tomato chair. She was good, just very crunchy. Hands up in her hair nonstop! At one point I found a tiny little strand of hair had wrapped around her finger and was cutting into her! Thank God I saw it, because she wasn't letting us know about it at all! While I ran to get a late lunch, Mike laid Reagan down on her pallet on the floor and she immediately fell asleep! She spent the rest of the day asleep for the most part...she was a little restless, so she'd toss and turn and stretch...but she pretty much stayed asleep. She woke up for another brief stint tonight, so I picked her up and held her, but then she just fell asleep in my arms!! That's OK...I got my snuggling in! Hopefully she sleeps tonight with all of this sleeping today! Thankfully no signs of nausea today and she's now back on full formula! Hoping she can hold it together and have a good week!

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