Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sleepless girl

Reagan did not sleep much last night. She was quiet and I was out cold, so I didn't even realize she was awake. Mike was awake though and tried laying down with her for an hour or so, but she'd doze off for a few minutes and then pop back awake over and over and over. She was still in good spirits though and laid in bed til 7:30am or so when she finally started making some noise! She's had a pretty good day today. She's still tense in her body and her temperature regulation is off, but she's been sweet albeit a little kooky at times. This morning we had two nurses so Mike played in a whiffle ball tournament with our neighbors. I took Ryan out of watch and he surprisingly did really well. I thought he would want to go home right away, but he made it through both games (that they lost). Today was the last day of one of our beloved nurses! She's moving back to Houston and she will definitely be missed! She's our night/weekend fill-in nurse so we are definitely going to be feeling this loss! We had a new nurse here orienting today with her, who we were hoping could fill in the gaps in our schedule, but unfortunately she had some major issues lifting Reagan. I guess it's back to the drawing board. :( My girl had some crazy laughs this morning and more again tonight. She was a little more mellow midday. She kept looking like she was going to doze off but never did. In fact, tonight she was still wide awake at midnight. Clonidine and cuddling with Daddy finally did her in and she's asleep. Hoping she can finally get some rest...sweet girl!

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