Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Reagan slept well last night and even slept in a bit this morning. We thought she might have a sleepy day today, but she did eventually wake up just in time for PT at 11. Her tone is so much better today. She's very relaxed. Her physical therapist was finally able to get in some much needed stretching and even got her up in her stander for a while. Then this afternoon she got in some more stretching with her occupational therapist. And then finished off a very busy day with school/vision therapy! She did amazingly well to have so many therapies in one day...especially considering the weekend from hell she just had! She's had the hiccups several times today...not sure of the significance but just something worth noting. She was vocal at times, but we think her tummy was just bothering her, she has been a bit backed up. We helped her go and hopefully that'll help keep her tummy happy. She sure has been a precious girl today. We definitely need some more days like this.

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Jamie said...

isn't it amazing seeing our kids upright on their feet? Always just love seeing madie in her stander...so tall! :)