Friday, October 16, 2015

EEG, fever, and nausea oh my!

Reagan slept surprisingly well with the electrodes on last night, however, when I looked at the monitor at 6:30am to check on her I noticed her head wrap appeared to be missing. I went to her room and found her completely awake but super still with her head wrap completely off and looped around her arm! We're lucky she didn't choke herself with it! Amazingly, her electrodes were all still secure and in place! Crazy girl! I moved her to her chair. She seemed pretty warm but I just assumed it was because she had been laying on one side most of the night. I used a cute crocheted hat she had gotten during her last hospital stay to cover up her electrodes and keep her from getting her fingers into trouble. I eventually took the hat off because it seemed to be making her head a little sweaty. When her nurse got here she took her vitals and immediately let me know that her temp was elevated above 100. I called the pediatrician's office to see if they could squeeze her in (they could at 11:30) and I called the EEG tech to make sure that we could leave the house with the leads on her head (yes, they keep recording, just without video). So off we went to the pediatrician's office. Reagan was very calm and still so it made it much easier to transport her. You could just tell something was off. She wasn't herself and was getting a little nauseous/gaggy as well. They did both a flu and a strep test on her and both came back negative. Her throat was nice and red though, so the general consensus is that her brother must have given her whatever nasty virus he's been battling for the last couple weeks. I'd like to think that all of this nasty business is just related to her being sick (possibly lowering her seizure threshold)?? Anyway, she was getting increasingly tense as the day went on, so we had to keep her in her arm restraints to prevent her from yanking her electrodes out! She also seemed to be getting a bit more nauseous and spitty and she was cupping it in her mouth until she gagged. She did well with the removal of the electrodes, but was not a fan of me messing with her hair or bathing her afterward! The nausea has just continued to get worse and tonight I find myself praying for sleep and relief for my sweet girl! It's been a tough week! :(

My poor precious girl...she doesn't feel well! :(

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