Saturday, October 31, 2015

Not so happy halloween

Reagan slept in her bed last night but she was restless. I think because of all of the sleep she had gotten yesterday. I got up with her a few times but she was getting increasingly vocal and finally at 4am I just decided to stay up with her! She really just seemed to want my company and I was just thrilled to see her awake and not upset! She didn't have a terrible day today, she was just on edge, and understandably so after the day she had yesterday! She slept a lot today (without medication) but when she was awake, she was vocal and tense. Definitely not happy...but not miserable like yesterday either. Just a bit kooky/stressed. Unfortunately her mood wasn't a great fit for trick or treating (or putting on her costume), so she hung out with Daddy while Ryan and I went trick or treating and Grandma handed out candy to the hundreds of trick or treaters that came! This was Ryan's first trick or treating experience and he was going around saying trick or treat to everyone! It was pretty funny! Our house was on the scary side this year with multiple projectors projecting ghoulish characters in our windows! Everyone loved it! Well, almost everyone. There were some kids too scared to come close enough to the house to even get candy!! We did get some cute pics of scary Grandma holding Reagan! She wasn't scared!

This scary clown (from American Horror Story) was
sitting in the passenger seat of my mom's car!

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