Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No new AFOs

Reagan slept well again last night and slept in a little this morning waking up just before speech. She was acting a little sleepy during therapy, but as soon as they were done we loaded her up in the car for an appt at the orthotics place. It was a fairly quick appt and the orthotist basically said that he couldn't improve any on her current AFOs, He did add a strap to her inner boot and tightened her braces around her calves (I guess she's thinned out a bit in that area) hopefully that helps. He also gave us some good advice on stretching her with her boot on, to keep it in proper alignment and minimize sensitivity issues. She's pretty close to needing a new stander, so that will probably be our next big thing to order. She's been super sweet and precious today. Very still. Good temp. Hoping these good days continue for my girl. God knows she needs them!

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