Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just an AWFUL day (and night)

Reagan was up most of the night last night and it was an AWFUL one! Seriously, it's been quite the horrendous night and day! She went from super nauseous, to fussy, to screaming crying (and gagging) all night long! Ugh. Awful. We were up most of the night with her. And she wasn't responding to pain meds at all. And that has carried over today. Nothing seems to be helping her (except Lortab and only for short stretches). She's beyond tense/rigid. She's been gnashing her teeth and biting so much that she's bitten the inside of her mouth several times and her breath smells like blood. My poor baby. It's breaking our hearts. She's had to keep her arm restraints on most of the day...the couple times they've been off, she's managed to bite her fingers and scratch her face. It's hard to really explain how bad it is when she's like this. The only thing I can think to compare it to is the point at which someone turns into a zombie...and they have super human strength and move super fast and are biting and thrashing...yeah, that about sums it up. Speaking of zombies, Grandma came to visit today and has been decorating our house for Halloween. This year we're going scary. A little too scary for my taste (I have a hard time even watching scary movies). Grandma is a little obsessed with Halloween. She has been driving around with a skeleton in her passenger seat dressed in clothes and wearing a mask of the clown from American Horror Story. She went to HEB today and came back out to people gathered around her car taking pictures with the clown! We had a nurse working today so we were able to take a few breaks from the crying, but we were all worried about her nonstop. Another issue we've been super concerned about is her holding her pee. She's held it all day long today. Seriously, her last pee was yesterday around 5:30pm. She's just been so unbelievably tense I don't think she's been able to go! Not even for a minute does she relax! Even the few times she's dozed off, she hasn't been able to relax enough to go. It wasn't until tonight around 6:30pm that she finally went! I seriously thought we might be headed to the emergency room. Ugh. One less thing to worry about. Now, if we could just get her to sleep! I'm not sure we can handle another night like last night. I don't know if my girl can handle another night like last night.

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