Thursday, October 1, 2015


Reagan had a good day today. She slept til about 7:30am and woke up sweet and smiley. Her brother has been sleeping late since we've been home (and fighting sleep at night) and didn't wake up til I forced him to get up at 9:15am! Reagan had a busy day of therapies today. She had PT this morning while I consulted with some DME people about possible track systems/stair lifts for our house. Then this afternoon she had OT with her therapist who just got back from Thailand/Japan...she can feel our pain with the jet lag! And then finally she had school/vision therapy. Her vision therapist brought a neat purple chandelier thingy and they also played with her light up glass jellyfish we got her at the Maui Aquarium (we were able to plug it in so that she could use her switch to turn on the light)! She's been super smiley and wonderful today. A little crunchy, hands in her hair/mouth a lot and temp regulation is a little off. She's also still holding her pees. She's had some small ones on her own today, but we had to use the warm water trick to get her to have big wet diapers! She's been a little moany/vocal but not necessarily in a bad way. We think she probably is holding poo as well, so that may be the reason. Hoping she can continue with these super smiley days. She's such a sweetie!

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