Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dental work

Reagan woke up a little tense and gaggy this morning (with another poo diaper), but calm. I wasn't totally sold on going through with her dental procedure, but since she was so calm we decided to head to the hospital. We got there at our 8:30am arrival time and were quickly taken back. We stopped her pediatlyte feeds when we got there (and she seemed a little less nauseous for a while) but we started them back up around 10am when we found out were getting from 10am to 11:30 procedure start time! The anesthesiologist basically said that since she has a gj-tube (and everything goes through her j tube), she could even continue getting feeds during the procedure (although we opted to just disconnect before they took her back). She had the chief of anesthesiology working with her, so we were pretty confident she was being well taken care of. We did voice our concerns about her sensitivities and the fact that the last time she had dental work, she ended up with a nasty sore at the back of her throat from the intubation tube. I'm confident everyone was super careful, but with her super sensitive skin, anything is possible. It took a little longer than we expected (about 1.5hrs) but they everything went smoothly. No cavities...they did x-rays, a deep cleaning, and sealants. When we got back to recovery to see her, she was already awake and feisty. Definitely still very gaggy. We got out of there fairly quickly and were home by 2:30. Glad to be home but my girl is still nauseous. I'm praying clonidine will help her to doze off and sleep it off! Looks like it will be another night of pedialyte tonight and confined to her chair (it's just not safe to lay her down while this nauseous). Please keep her in your prayers!!

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Clarissa R. West - said...

Praying! Abi gets her teeth checked/cleaned every 6 months at a regular dentist office, but this last appt. the dentist said he wants to see her under anthesia to better clean and examine her teeth (they are badly stained, but she has never had any cavities or problems, so it is just cosmetic). Ugh!