Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Another busy day

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning in a good mood. She had an early morning session of PT and did fairly well with it.Then she had an appointment with Dental just as a sort of pre-op visit before her dental cleaning/x-rays under anesthesia at the end of this month. We got there right at 11 (her appt was at 11) and signed in. And we waited. People came and went. Finally around 11:30 we asked them what was going on and apparently we had signed in on the wrong side of the office. They told the other side, but then whoever they told forgot. So there we sat. I wasn't too happy about it and let them know it. They were very quick to get us back and they went through the check up appt very quickly. We were on our way by noon and had just enough time to stop and have a birthday lunch at Kerbey Lane for Reagan's nurse! We got home just before Reagan's OT arrived and then I had to go pick up Ryan. Reagan had a great session with OT, got some really good stretching in (she was more loose today than yesterday). Afterward, she had school/speech and even though she started out a little vocal/kooky, she settled down and had a really good session. She's been a little kooky off and on today and we again think her tummy is probably to blame. Lots and lots of gas today. Thankfully, it never escalated to the point that it did yesterday and she's remained pretty calm most of the day today. Tonight she even came outside and hung out in the culdesac for National Night Out! I got in some good snuggles/cuddles just before bedtime and she fell asleep on me and was laughing in her sleep. This is something I don't think I've ever witnessed before...her lips were twitching into a smile and her body was heaving as if she was laughing but she was hardly making a peep...it was very strange! Daddy transferred her to bed without any problems, so hopefully she can get another good night's sleep tonight!

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