Friday, October 2, 2015

A bit off but still sweet

It's been another good day for Reagan. She was up early but good. A little more still today, but still very smiley. She had speech this morning and did well with that, although she still seemed a bit sleepy. Not a lot going on today. She did have school this afternoon and did very well with that (but was really wanting those hands in the mouth). Reagan does something her nurse calls the three finger salute...she puts her first three fingers in her mouth and kinda pulls down on her tongue/lower jaw. She sometimes also fish hooks herself with those fingers...especially when you try to pull them out! Her temp regulation is still a bit off and she's a little sweaty with cold hands/feet. We kept her on the floor some of this afternoon and most of the night. Her body definitely seems to be getting a little more tense and she's having a lot of clonus in her feet. I decided to go ahead and start pedialyte tonight...just in case. She fell asleep on the floor tonight but woke up when we moved her to bed.  Hoping she can fall back to sleep and pull through and give us some more good days!

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