Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Reagan was very vocal last night and finally around 4:30am I moved her to her therapy room (but she was still vocal). Vocal equals not much sleep for anyone! Despite not getting a ton of sleep, she still had a good day today. She had PT this morning and spent some time in her stander (the xrays confirmed that there are no breaks/fractures in her leg and that obviously it's just more of a tone issue). Then school speech and vision came and worked with her and then an hour later or so she had school! Busy day! She did well with it all, but was still pretty vocal. Tonight she was vocal but good. We had a little get together with Make A Wish at the Austin aquarium so they could present is with the itinerary for Hawaii! Exciting! It's almost time! Hoping for a better night's sleep tonight for us all!

Getting ready for Hawaii!

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