Friday, September 18, 2015

Tense but better

Reagan slept well last night...or at least I did. Talk about exhausted! When I woke up, she was still asleep in her chair. Mike moved her to her bed, where she tossed around a bit, but kept her eyes closed. When she woke up, she was still tense but definitely better. A few things have set her off today to the point of tears, but each time she's recovered fairly quickly with some coaxing. Not back to normal just yet, but OK. Speech, which was her only therapy today, took it easy with her this morning. Then she pretty much just took it easy today. She did take a nice long nap midday. Tonight she was very tense and crunchy and into her hair...she kept grabbing handfuls of it and hurting herself. Of course, trying to take it away from her just made her grab it more and become more irritated. Actually, the only thing that seemed to help was when I picked her up and held her (keeping her hands away from her)!! She dozed off snuggled on my lap with the help of clonidine and is now in her bed. Hoping for some solid sleep tonight for us all! Walkathon first thing in the morning!

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