Sunday, September 13, 2015

Spunky girl

Reagan had a good day today! She slept well last night (especially considering she slept all day yesterday) and woke up a good girl this morning! I had a 5k first thing this morning but our night nurse came in and watched Reagan for me! Mike and Ryan made the drive to come cheer us on! We had a good time. When we got home, we found a very spunky/crunchy girl. Spunky but good. As I mentioned yesterday, no more temp issues, which thankfully always seem to dissipate with sleepy days. She had also been holding her urine a bit, but today everything was very regular in that department.  She's been pretty vocal and full of gas...but good. Not at all sensitive or anything. Hoping she has a good week ahead of her! Only one more week of school/therapy before we take off for Hawaii! I'm starting to get a little nervous (but excited)!

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