Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sleepy Wednesday

Please forgive me, I'm more than a week behind in blog posts but I'm going to do my best to go back and write complete a post for each day of our amazing Maui vacation!! So here is Wednesday's post...

Last night was an AWFUL one! Reagan was back awake within an hour of going to sleep and was gagging and retching the entire night! Every 10min or so she'd wake up gagging and I'd hop out of bed to try to shush her back to sleep. It was brutal! We moved her into her tomato chair propped up on the bed, to at least give her some incline. But it wasn't really until 12:30am or so when I vented her tummy that she seemed to get some relief. She only woke up another 2-3 times after that and then she was OUT. She just slept and slept. We had to cancel our photoshoot scheduled for this morning and we're just hoping we can work to find another time that works for the photographer sometime before we leave. Reagan slept away the day today...but she obviously really needed it. Our biggest concern was just that she sleep off the nausea. Her nurse stayed at the hotel with her while Mike, Ryan, and I drove around the Kapalua area (where we stayed the first time we were in Maui 10yrs ago). It was a beautiful drive and we saw many sights we remembered from our first trip. We also drove a little too far down a one lane (but really two lane) road (in a giant suburban no less). After arriving at the banana bread stand 2 miles down the one lane road, we made the decision to turn around and attempt to head back the way we came...a TERRIFYING 2 miles back! No guard rails cliff side and very few spots to even pull over should another car come our way, we were beyond lucky to make it back without encountering another car along that tricky stretch of road. After all the driving, we came back to the hotel and Reagan was awake! We took her on a little stroll down the beach (near our hotel), while Ryan and Mike jumped in the pool for a bit. Afterward, we got back in the car and drove around Kapalua with Reagan and her nurse, but we didn't attempt the one lane road again. Reagan stayed pretty groggy the rest of the day (even sleeping through part of the drive), but the nausea was thankfully gone and her demeanor was good. No big dinner plans tonight. We ate a pretty tasty lunch of Maui fish tacos and then Mediterranean salad and pizza for dinner! Both kids were exhausted and asleep pretty quickly tonight.

Reagan's nurse Megan pointing out the blowhole!

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