Friday, September 4, 2015

Similar day with temp issues

Reagan went to be a little more easily last night but she woke back up early and then wasn't going back to sleep! Finally around 5:45am (before I went for my run), I moved her to her chair. She was pretty vocal/needy so I was worried about her during my run and even cut it a little short. She was OK though and I even had time for a much needed shower when I got home. She has still been pretty high maintenance/vocal today...especially this morning. She had speech and we didn't even attempt to get her out of her tomato chair. She did OK though but was really vocal any time we talked. That was her only therapy today. We spent the morning upstairs but eventually moved downstairs. This afternoon her hands and feet are still cold and clammy and she's sweating her back wet...the temperature regulation issues are definitely back. She spent most of the night rolling around on the floor. Tonight I held her and she was tired and trying to fall asleep but her body was just not cooperating...she kept popping back awake. She did the same thing for Daddy. When he laid down with her she kept getting more and more vocal. This time we tried oxycodone first, but nothing. Eventually clonidine helped her to fall asleep. Hoping somehow she can stay asleep. We are exhausted once again.

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