Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cute girl

Reagan has had another good day today. She slept well and woke up sweet and smiling! Not too much going on today, but she did stay busy with PT in the morning and school/vision therapy in the afternoon. She had a great time during school reading books about the ocean and playing with kinetic sand. We're doing a beach theme right now gearing up for our trip to Maui which is coming up soon. I don't remember if I ever mentioned it on the blog, but Reagan's finally doing her Make A Wish trip and we're going to Maui (in less than two weeks)! It's just going to be us and her nurse...our first family vacation with just us. I hope we can manage it without the extra help from Grandma! Thankfully we'll have a great nurse with us and our girl has been especially sweet lately so we're hoping and praying for the best days possible for her! She's always been such a good traveler...we've joked that she just wants to move! Her brother may be our biggest challenge with an 8hr plane ride!!! Hoping it all goes smoothly and we all can get some much needed rest and relaxation in paradise! She's back to having temp issues again today. Back is sweaty and hands/feet are cold/clammy. Not sure what that's about, but she sure is CUTE! Very crunchy with a lot of tone, but CUTE! Hoping for more great days for my smiley girl!

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