Sunday, September 27, 2015

Picture day

Today was picture day! I was a little worried last night when I heard there might be less sun and a chance of rain today. The forecast this morning seemed fine though, although there was a high wind advisory. We headed over to "baby beach" for the photoshoot at 8:30am. The photographers beat us there, a husband and wife team BellaEva Photography, just the nicest people ever (and such talented photographers...if you're ever in Maui, look them up)!! It was so nice having two of them because Ryan was beyond challenging and not at all wanting to cooperate with any family photos, so they were able to divide and conquer! One would stay with Reagan and me, while the other would go with Mike and Ryan (who just wanted to go back in the ocean)! Hopefully we got at least a few pics of the whole family! (click here to see the pics!) Afterward we went and had lunch at a pancake place called Slappycakes (kinda like an upscale IHOP). They have a grill on the table where you can make your own pancakes. We decided against making our own, we figured it was too much of a hazard to have that kind of heat so close to Ryan, but the made to order pancakes were pretty tasty too! We also got pupus (appetizers) of candied bacon and chicken fried bacon! Ryan devoured the candied bacon! It was a yummy breakfast...but expensive (everything in Maui is SO expensive...especially eating)! Afterward we were all stuffed. We went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit and then Mike and Ryan went back out to the beach. We tried to take Reagan back to the pool, but it was a bit overcast outside and a little too cool to put her in the water (her nurse Megan tested it out for her and was freezing). As the afternoon unfolded Reagan definitely got more sensitive/tense and there were a few times that something set her off and she started crying! Ugh. Hopefully we're not going into full fledge bad days...we've got our flight back tomorrow! We decided to just hang low and eat room service for dinner tonight. Hoping my girl can sleep off this stress and wake up feeling better tomorrow!

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