Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh sleepy day

Reagan slept all night in her bed!!! Wooooohoooo!! I did hear her a time or two, but each time she'd make a noise, move around a bit, but then go back to sleep! And sleep she did! Today has now turned into a sleepy day!! Her nurse did change her this morning and move her into her therapy room, where she was awake and calm for 30min or so before falling back asleep. But she's been sleeping ever since. Even through diaper changes. Poor girl. She needed it. I'm hoping she'll sleep through the night and wake up much improved tomorrow! She's been two days without therapy so tomorrow we'll play catch up and then go to an afternoon drs appt! Unfortunately we're adding a new specialist to the mix. Tomorrow we see hematology for the first time. Her last two blood draws she came back neutropenic (low neutrophils). Hopefully it's nothing and we just caught it at a low point, but it's something we need to talk to the hematologist about since my sister did have chronic benign neutropenia as a kid. Hoping it will be an uneventful/formality sort of appt. My allergies are killing me today (and Ryan's got a runny nose as well), so Reagan's lucky to be sleeping through this nasty allergy headache of a day! She did wake up at one point tonight from about 10-10:30pm and was very wide eyed and stiff as a board but calm. She then dozed back off in my arms and is now sleeping in her bed! Sweet dreams my little sleeping beauty!

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