Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Maui at last

Everyone slept fairly well last night. Ryan in a pack n play (that was way too small for him), Reagan in the bed beside us (she was back awake and crunching by 4:30am), us in the bed beside Reagan, and Megan Reagan's nurse in the room next door (yeah she probably slept the soundest)! We were up by 7...Ryan slept in til 8. We did our best to get everything packed back up and ready to leave at 9am (we had a 10:50am flight). We are hoping the Imodium did its job, but just incase we gave her a second, lesser dose. We left a little after 9. We turned in our rental car last night so we could just take the shuttle over in the morning...seeing as we were already right there at the C terminal! We were able to check all of our big bags curbside so that was extremely helpful (that includes Reagan's mammoth jogging stroller)! When we got inside the airport, we were supposed to be greeted by a TSA Cares agent (to help us through security and to the gate). I've heard wonderful things about this program so if you have special needs or a child with special needs, please look into it the next time you fly. Unfortunately our experience was non existent because we never found our agent. Thankfully we stumbled upon something else called Airassist where they had someone come and push Reagan all the way to the gate...security still took forever, they had to scan all of her meds (but we avoided a pat down on my girl) and almost lost Ryan! When we finally got to the gate, they escorted us to the front of the line (unfortunately there was no time to grab breakfast or juice for Ryan), and then we were the first to board! Once on the plane, we got Reagan set up in her chair and then everyone ran to the bathroom. We met a super nice flight attendant that was asking about Reagan...she has a 49yr old sister with CP. The flight attendants were great the entire time, even refusing to let us pay for our food (and offering us a sundae from first class) because they knew Reagan was on a Make A Wish trip! Two things that really sucked on this flight/plane is that it was an older plane and there was no wifi (which means Ryan couldn't use his most favorite PBS app to watch shows) and there weren't any individual screens on the back of the chairs so Ryan couldn't see the TV at all and there were no updates about the flight. Where are we, how much further do we have, etc... Ryan decided about 2hrs into it that he was "all done plane"!! And then about 4hrs into it (half way), so did Reagan.  It started with a runny nose, that quickly turned into a faucet. Then the gaggy faces started...then the gagging/retching nonstop! Ugh. Not what we wanted! We had to get the overhead bag down with all of her medicine to get some Zofran. Then about 15min later we decided we needed to get it back down to try some clonidine. We gave her the clonidine and then 30min later or so she had an adverse reaction to it. It would come in waves, she got super tense, would kick a lot and flail. Not good. Her nurse held her to try to keep her still and then she had a huge pee (her first since we helped her go this morning) and then fell asleep. I do worry about that whole sequence of events because it seems a bit seizureish. She was laid out on the seat between the nurse and I and we did a quick (discrete) diaper/pants change. She took a nice little nap (her brother was also sleeping at the time), but she didn't really wake up feeling any better. Thankfully she fell back asleep for a while longer (note the cute pic of her and Daddy sleeping). Let's just say, an 8hr flight is NO fun with 2 kids! The nausea continued the rest of the day, although it did improve slightly tonight (we went ahead and switched over to pedialyte), and we're just really praying that she is able to sleep it off tonight. (Key word is SLEEP!) We were met at the airport with a Lei greeting! Then Mike went to get the rental car. They initially gave him a 15 passenger van but that wasn't going to cut it...no room for luggage, just seats! We went back and got a suburban and then drove to the other side of the island to our hotel the Sheraton Maui in Kaanapali. We grabbed a nice dinner outside at the hotel restaurant and were able to catch the tail end of the cliff diving ceremony. We are all exhausted and for the first time, maybe ever, we're all getting to bed before 9pm...of course it is really 2am central time! Prayers for a better day for my girl tomorrow!

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That looks like so much fun! Ive always wanted to go to Hawaii! Have fun!