Monday, September 28, 2015

Good food and tense flight

Reagan woke up this morning seemingly feeling much better. I spent all morning finishing packing everything back up and we were checked out by 10:30am. We drove to the other side of the island to Paia to go have lunch at Mama's Fish House near the airport. This is THE place to eat in Maui (everyone talks highly of it). I had heard about it 10yrs ago and we had wanted to eat there, but just never got around to it. So this time we made reservations and lucked out with the best table in the house! This place is right on the water. Gorgeous view. Our table was in it's own little nook, so not only did we have privacy (good for an antsy toddler and a child in a wheelchair), but we had an ocean front view as well! The food was really good (and really expensive) and once again we left completely stuffed. Since the restaurant is right off the Hana Hwy, we wanted to go and try to see one of the waterfalls we missed when we had gone with our tour guide. It's called Twin Falls and it's right at the beginning of the road to Hana. For some reason, this time it seemed to take forever to get there. Mike stayed in the car with Reagan (who was sleeping) while the nurse and I took Ryan with us (bad idea). They had the upper falls closed due to high water, but we figured at least we could see the lower falls. Again, bad idea. It was super muddy and Ryan started throwing a fit almost immediately, so the whole attempt was an epic fail. We never saw the falls (we heard them) and then we just trekked back through the mud to the car! We then decided to just drive back to the airport (about 3hrs before our flight). It was a good idea though because the whole process seemed to take forever! We had to call for the TSA Cares person once we arrived. We had our own personal TSA agent that walked along with us the whole way. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to speed up the screening process at all...they still opened each bag and scanned each bottle of maybe it even took a little longer. Reagan also completely lost it during the screening procedure, because they were taking so long and they had her parked directly under a big fan that was loud and blowing on her. It took her quite a while to calm down. The nurse and TSA cares agent took her away while Mike and I were still waiting on the other agents to screen all of our baggage. When we finally met back up with them, she was still crying but calming down a little. We thought she was better so the nurse, Ryan and I all ran to get some food. Unfortunately, she started crying again while we were gone. Mike was able to get her to settle down and we were all getting super nervous about our flight! Our flight was actually delayed a bit so everyone was just sitting around waiting. Once they started boarding, they did not let us on first (like our previous flight), there were quite a few older people in wheelchairs that we had to file in behind (and then regular boarding was following close on our tails). It was a little more stressful this time around, especially with Reagan's heightened stress, but we were glad that our seat configuration was better than before (we were in the three middle seats and Mike/Ryan were in the two beside us...with Ryan trapped in the window seat). Mike did almost get into it with the guy in front of him when he asked if Mike could keep Ryan from kicking his wife's chair! Mike said NO...he's 3! Ryan ended up falling asleep almost immediately though, so it wasn't an issue the rest of the flight. Reagan was still very tense during take off and until we reached a steady cruising speed. She was actually crying, but it was more breath holding than actual screaming crying, so the plane noise helped drown it out a bit. Thankfully she eventually settled down, but was still very tense and not sleeping. I'm just glad the crying stopped!

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