Friday, September 11, 2015

Busy day and now nausea??

It's been another great one for my girl. She woke up crunchy but smiley and has been smiling ever since! She was a little warm when she woke up, and was running a low grade temp, but she seems OK now. We had a super busy morning! She had speech first thing at 9 and then we loaded up and headed to Dell for her scoliosis and leg x-rays. She did great with that and then we walked through the hospital to pick up a prescription from palliative care for her oxycodone (you have to get a hard copy prescription because it's a controlled substance). We shared an elevator with a therapy dog and then did make a stop at the butterfly wall and their super neat gift shop! Then it was on to the lab for MORE bloodwork! This girl has had more blood drawn in the last month than in the last year!! Her neuro ordered some labs just to check med levels after that questionable stuff she was doing earlier in the week. Then we rushed home and got back just in time to pick up Ryan from school and then take him to speech therapy. Thankfully he got a good report today at school (yesterday he got a frowny face for kicking the teachers) but then he threw a couple good screaming/crying fits at therapy! His therapist did say that he eventually chilled out and had a great session! This boy...he's trouble. Tonight Reagan is especially sweaty/clammy and crunchy! I put her on the floor but she was just laying there all crunched up like a turtle stuck on his back! Then the nausea set in. Out of no where, all of a sudden she started making these coughing, gaggy noises. I moved her back to her chair and she seemed a little better. I broke out the Zofran and pediatlyte and hoped for the best. Unfortunately tonight between 10-11pm it got worse again and she was gagging and retching a lot. Finally clonidine helped her to doze off and I'm praying she can sleep it off, rest her tummy (just getting pedialyte), and wake up feeling much better in the morning! She was the smiliest nauseous girl you've ever seen! Please pray for my sweet smiley nauseous girl!

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