Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beach/pool day

Today was our easy going day. No plans whatsoever. Well, other than reserving some covered beach chairs first thing in the morning so we could take Reagan down to the beach. It turned out to be a sunny but very windy day and probably not the best day for the beach, but what could we do! Our other days were so jam packed, this was our first free day! The wind would come in gusts that almost felt as if you were standing in the way of a sand blaster! Reagan was able to seek shelter in the covered beach chairs. Daddy did get her out and into the water for a bit, but the waves were also a little rough and she was NOT a fan of getting splashed in the face! She retreated back to the safety of the beach chair while her brother and Daddy rode the waves for a while! Ryan was in heaven! Afterward we did our best rinse everyone off and then spent a little time in the pool. It was a little chilly...the ocean water was definitely warmer. They did have the neatest floats in the pool though. Big puffy, pillow-like floats...basically a buoyant beanbag chair! We saw children and adults alike enjoying them and they were perfect for Reagan. We might have to look into getting one of those for home! The rest of the afternoon we just hung out and then around sunset we drove into Lahaina to walk along the boardwalk. They have a giant indian banyan tree there that was planted in 1873. It's trunk and root system covers 0.66 acres...nearly the entire block! There were so many birds sitting in it while we were there, it sounded like we were in a bird sanctuary! We walked down the boardwalk and watched the sunset and almost ate dinner there, but decided to head back and have dinner at a restaurant closer to our hotel. Ryan was happy about that because they had pizza! Reagan was a little tense and sensitive to the music, so we had to put her noise canceling headphones on, but she held it together. Hoping for a good day for my girl tomorrow...we've got our rescheduled beach photoshoot in the morning!

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