Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aquarium & Luau

Today was a busy day for us! This morning we got up, ate breakfast, and drove to the other side of the island to go to our first Make A Wish excursion...the Maui Ocean Center. It was super windy and the door of our car nearly flew off when I opened the door! We walked around for a while on our own...Ryan wanted to just stay at the very first floor to ceiling aquarium he saw! There was a lot of neat stuff to see. A huge tank of jelly fish...always Reagan's favorite! Then we went to a giant tank full of huge stingrays and sharks. A diver swam in the tank and gave a warm welcome to Reagan and our family and then went through and told us all about the fish we saw. Afterward the diver even came over and talked with Reagan and gave her some shark teeth that he had found at the bottom of the tank! It was really neat! We really enjoyed our time there and even ate lunch at the aquarium right off the water (Reagan dozed off). Ryan didn't want to leave. Afterward we drove around to the south side of Maui, Wailea, and then drove even further south down through the lava fields! This was another drive we did our first trip in Hawaii 10 yrs ago, it was neat to go back and see it again. After all of our driving we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our Luau our second Make A Wish excursion. We were running a little late but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw that the Luau had reserved a handicap spot just for us at the front! We went in and were escorted to our table. Again, this is a Luau (the Old Lahaina Luau) that we attended 10 yrs earlier when we went to Maui for our 5yr wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful Luau, supposedly one of the best in Hawaii. Reagan dozed a little at the beginning while we were eating, but woke up just in time to watch all of the action. Our table was set back a little, I think it might have been better to have been one row closer, so I'm not sure how well she could see but she seemed to enjoy it. It was another long day and we all went back to the hotel exhausted and stuffed! Hoping for another good day for my girl tomorrow! It's going to be another busy one!

Breakfast at the hotel's VIP lounge which we had access to each morning and afternoon! 

Mike feeding the birds that ate some of my eggs! 

The view couldn't be better!

Our attempt to use the selfie stick!

Mike's Jack Nicholson impression from the shining! ;)

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