Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another sleepy Wednesday!

Today was our first full day back. We are still exhausted! Reagan included! I got up early to run (why, because I'm crazy) and by the time I got home and took a shower, she was up! So much for going back to sleep! She woke up sweet and smiley though so who can be mad at her! She had an early make up session of PT this morning and did well for that. She tried to doze off just before, but only stayed asleep for 5min or so and was wide awake and ready to go when her therapist got here. She had speech therapy immediately following PT, but that she did not stay awake for! Toward the end, all she wanted to do was close her eyes! I thought maybe she was playing possum...sometimes she'll do this when she doesn't want to work! But no, she was really sleepy! She slept from 10:45am-4pm! She woke up at 4, smiling and happy and then was awake for a while but eventually dozed back off. She was awake/asleep off and on the rest of the night. I eventually transferred her to her bed where she started to get vocal and had to give her clonidine to get her to doze off once and for all! Hoping she can still sleep through the night with all of the sleep she's gotten today!

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