Monday, August 10, 2015

Tummy pains?

Reagan had a pretty good day most of the day today. She was a little vocal/moany this morning, but we think it was her tummy bothering her! She did have a ton of gas today and 3 liquidy poos, so I think that's a good assumption. Over all though she was good. She had speech this morning and then OT this afternoon. She was a little sensitive to talking and certain toys/noises, but everyone just took that into consideration and she was fine! It wasn't until tonight that she finally went over the edge and started crying. Not exactly sure what it was that set her off, but she eventually settled down but remained on edge the rest of the night. I did give her some pain reliever tonight so hopefully that'll help her sleep. Hoping she wakes up feeling better tomorrow. It's supposed to be a sleepy day soon, but it looks like we're headed in a different (much worse) direction. :(

We took Ryan to a splash pad today that's in an old quarry! Pretty neat! He loved the slide! It's wheelchair accessible so maybe we can take Reagan in the spring! I think it's too crazy hot right now!

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