Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thank God for laughs

I woke up at 5:45am this morning for my run beyond relieved to find that Reagan was still asleep. We tried her in her bed last night, but it just wasn't working, so she slept in her tomato chair. Actually even when I got back from my run, everyone was still sleeping! She woke up with a squeal around 7:30am, but she was all smiles! THANK YOU GOD!!! Seriously. Whew! We are out of practice and just can't handle watching her suffer through those bad days. She's been all good today. Definitely more kicky and into her hands than yesterday. Her hands and feet (and nose) are also cold but thankfully her body/core temp is still good. Super laughy. Lots of kooky laughs, but we'll take kooky laughs over tears any day! Of course when it came to bed tonight, all she wanted to do was laugh and laugh and laugh! Finally clonidine seemed to do the trick, so we're hoping we all can get a good night's sleep tonight!!

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